The Ilmarian Imperium

Welcome to the Homepage for the Ilmarian Inc, Ilmarian Imperium and Lewis Stockton’s Personal Website. Here you will find the many divisions and members of the Ilmarian Imperium

New Releases!

A Chance Encounter

Before their encounter with the Asagi Shaynoir and the Siren Brinscall Levitt; Fo Roundfur, a little Kobold and Jules Fitzgerald, an deserting Gunslinger, start their story together.

This is their story.

A Ghoulish Case

New in the Fera World, A Ghoulish Case is now available at all your favorite stores!

Set in the modern day Fera, An old Detective must work together with a young thief to work out a string of grizzly murders, why she is the next target and how they can stop it.

WARNING 18+ CONTENT!! – This piece was written as a Commission and I retain all rights to the work. Contains scenes of a sexual nature and taboo themes. You have been warned.

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