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Novel Releases!


Alesia Beaugendre, a simple girl with a simple life. A merchant’s daughter with a bit of an attitude her life is turned upside down when she finds out she is not exactly normal.

Living the life of an outcast, the girl meets people she would never have interacted with and begins to understand what it is like to be Entitled


Deaf and damaged, Arizali Dhunnyr along with her older brother Talnor attempt to live as outcasts after being cast out of their home in the Undercities of their races tomb. Very few Yaralti actually left the undercities and ventured to the surface.

Can the deaf Arizali and her strong-willed yet determined brother be safe on the surface?

The Ten Rings

With the death of their Master, Vlandirleld Amberster, an Ilmarian Entitled and user of the arcane arts, and Elegosa, an Elven Ranger from the deep woods of Waud Forrest and the local Elven Reservation join together with Xandrill, a local Elven thief find the Ten Rings and stop the one’s who killed their master.

Ten Rings, an ancient library of knowledge.

Will Fera be safe?


Short Story Releases

The Usta Zalim

In “The Usta Zalim,” join Reinhold Cunningham, a seasoned History Professor at The Tousir Imperial Academy, as he embarks on an expedition that will forever alter the course of his life. Returning from an archaeological dig with what appears to be an ordinary empty book bearing the no title but the Üstün word “Tehlikela”. Dangerous.

As he delves into the enigmatic tome, Cunningham soon realizes that this seemingly innocuous artifact is far more perilous than he could have ever imagined. The book’s mysterious contents begin to consume his thoughts, warp his perceptions, and change him in ways that defy explanation.

With each passing day, Cunningham becomes entangled in a web of secrets, ancient rituals, and a malevolent force that threatens to unravel the very fabric of his reality.

“The Usta Zalim” is a riveting tale of a historian’s descent into madness, as he races against time to unlock the secrets of the malevolent book and save himself from a fate worse than death. Will Reinhold Cunningham’s quest for knowledge lead to his salvation or his ultimate undoing?

A Child’s War

“A Child’s War” is a harrowing short story set during a wartime assault in Fera’s “Third War of Alrussian Aggression”, 1934. From the perspective of an Ilmarian soldier whom finds himself trapped in the midst of a brutal battle on the front lines, the soldier is confronted by a mysterious and deadly young girl, Colonel Hildegunde von Vernichtung.

This dark and suspenseful narrative explores the moral complexities of war, the brutal realities faced by soldiers on the front lines, and the chilling actions taken in the name of military strategy and secrecy.

On A Night Darkly

On a night of celebratory drinking from a promotion to Journeyman at Mr Fitzgerald’s Printing Press , Mr Wright Sherris rambles through the Capital City of Ilmaria and finds himself in Capital Park, weary of the muggers and pick pockets, Mr Sherris finds his ramble interrupted by a lovely young lady.

What follows on this Night of Celestial alignment would scar the poor Journeyman Printer for the rest of his days, for all this happened…

…On A Night Darkly.

They Came At Night

In the midst of a brutal war, a soldier finds himself trapped in a neverending trench alongside an enemy soldier. As they struggle to survive the horrors of the battlefield, they soon realize that their greatest enemy may not be each other, but the eldritch creatures lurking in the shadows. With horrors closing in around them, the two enemies must put aside their differences and work together if they hope to survive.

But as they descend further into madness and despair, they begin to question whether their struggle is even real or merely a twisted nightmare brought on by the maddening influence of the ancient beings that surround them. Will they be able to escape the endless cycle of war and destruction, or will they be consumed by the unfathomable terrors that lurk just beyond their sight?