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In the land of Ablos there are those who farm, there are the big cities and vast patches of farmland.

Then there are those who raid.

Astrid Lytingdottir had never been on a raid before, she was not allowed; a child and a girl.

But she would go on a raid, she would fight and take the spoils of the weak! She would become her clan’s first Shield-Maiden!

This piece was a commission from one of my awesome and amazing patreons! Head over there to check it!

The Ten Rings

With the death of their Master, Vlandirleld Amberster, an Ilmarian Entitled and user of the arcane arts and Elegosa, an Elven Ranger from the deep woods of Waud Forrest and the local Elven Reservation join together with Xandrill, a local Elven thief find the Ten Rings and stop the one’s who killed their master.

Ten Rings, an ancient library of knowledge.

Will Fera be safe?


A Quick Jaunt Over The Wire

The Alrussian’s had been fighting this war for countless years, the Imperial dogs across the wire kept on pushing but for Alrussia’s sake, they pushed back!

In the dirt of The Front, the worlds greatest line of trenchs lay the dead bodies of thousands; their hands still gripping their muskets as they are trampled on.

When the whistle blows, are you ready for a quick jaunt over the wire?

This piece was a commission from one of my awesome and amazing patreons! Head over there to check it!

Comrades In Arms

Sick of being pushed around by the her charge and Duke’s Son Gabriel Geiger, Loris Argenio takes her frustration out on Gabriel’s friend Alphonse Crowle

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