[Ebook] Invitation


  • Erdal Nadir is your average Aşağı teenager, living and working in the modern age of Fera, he attends college and he works his wage at the local coffee shop.

    Looking down on other non-Aşağı races, Erdal has very few friends and very few of them non-Aşağı. Saskia is one of the few Human’s he actually likes to be around.

    However, Saskia has a plan to spice up her relationship with her Half-Orc boyfriend Eckehard.

    Inviting Erdal around, the poor uptight Aşağı will broaden his horizon just a little bit more than expected.


    This was a commissioned piece that was on its way to completion when the commissioner abandoned the project.

    Deciding not to leave it to waste, I finished it. It was a collaborative writing project with a slightly more smutty tone than I am used to. However, I enjoyed writing it!

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