[Paperback] The Man Who Would Be King


Andreas Vandersryke is a simple man with a shaded past. Nexanda Tora is a Dragonkin youngling who has escaped her horrible past. After bumping into each other, the pair now travel Fera together.

A vast boom in technology has shifted the Ilmarian Imperium into the Flintlock Era, pushing forward with Cannon and rifle, the age of Magic was thought to be dying with the rise of the Gunslingers. Using gunpowder as their fuel, Gunslingers are the rising stars in magic. Able to use their magical powers to control explosions, musket balls mid-flight and gunpowder.

Following Andreas and Nexanda as they uncover the dangerous and dark “Hand of Orasil”, learn about the history of Nexanda’s lost heritage and uncover whom Andreas Vandersryke really is and why he is out to kill the King.

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Andreas Vandersryke, a man haunted by his enigmatic past, crosses paths with Nexanda Tora, a resilient Dragonkin youngling fleeing a harrowing history. Bound together by fate, they embark on an extraordinary journey.

In a world propelled into the Flintlock Era by a sweeping technological revolution, the Ilmarian Imperium witnesses the ascent of Gunslingers—mages who harness the explosive potential of gunpowder. The realm’s once-dominant magic seems to wane as firearms dominate the landscape, challenging the very essence of ancient powers.

Amidst this shifting paradigm, Andreas and Nexanda venture forth, propelled by their shared destiny. As they unravel the malevolent secrets of the elusive “Hand of Orasil,” they discover the forgotten legacy that lies dormant within Nexanda’s heritage. Simultaneously, their quest unveils the enigma that shrouds Andreas Vandersryke, revealing the motives behind his need to hide from the world.

In a captivating tale where gunpowder meets sorcery, Andreas and Nexanda’s path intertwines with the rise of Gunslingers, bridging the realms of magic and firepower. Together, they must confront the shadows of the past, forge their own destinies, and confront the intricate web of deception that threatens the realm they hold dear.

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