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It has been a while since I posted anything here and I needed to collate all the story and info of the game so I thought that I would throw it all up here for the players to check up on the past adventures.

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Varrius Vaus – Dragonborn Warlock

Eliona – Half-Elf Ranger

Hazel Walker – Human Druid


In the village of Yesaga, ‘Jade Tree’ in the common tongue, The Half-Elf Eliona had been given a task by the Village Elder Ashant. A local dwarf trader by the name of Vigruff Stonehitter had missed several pickups and dropoffs and lived some distance from the isolated Asagi village.

She headed out and found his house only to find it empty and raided with tracks leading to a mountain cave some distance aaway.

Sneaking up to the ridgeline, Eliona watched several robed figures guarding the entrance to the cave. She also noted a figure slinking up to the entrance, a Dragonborn.

Varrius Vaus

Varrius Vaus had travelled far and wide on their mission for knowledge. Far from the land of Pawhye and the Kalewen Dynasty across the sea of The Windergonie Domain, he had searched far and wide for the artifacts his Masters needs but he needed more of the local currency and finding the missing villagers from a nearby human settlement would get him that.

The pair eliminated the guards and met at the entrance to the cave. Quickly discussing the idea of working together to get the innocents out. Sneaking inside the cave, the pair found an underground ruin that was now being used as this cults hideout. Chanting was heard up ahead and after the pair were spotted, they began to fire out at the cultists. Several of Eliona’s arrows missed their targets but they managed to kill plenty of the cultists.

However they were apparently too late because whatever they were doing had happened and the cultists had finished whatever ritual they were doing. In a flash of energy and light, a portal appeared and the summoning of their Master was complete.

Hazel Walker

Somewhere in another world, the human girl Hazel Walker had been innocently partaking in a ritual; the girl had used random ingredients for the ones she was missing. Something happened and it actually worked; in a world where Magic was a joke and a childish thought, she had somehow done it.

In a flash of energy, she appeared in a dark dungeon. After a quick discussion, after the finishing off of the Cultists, the trio checked on the innocents. Unfortunately they were all dead, perishing in the ritual apart from an unfortunate missed arrow had killed Vigruff the trader. Eliona quickly taking the arrow to hide the evidence of her accidental manslaughter.

Taking the two to the nearby village of Frauerzona, Varrius collected his payment and paid some to the others. They decided to try and work out what happened to Hazel and why she had been transported to this place from her own world and try to get her home.

Knowing that the Half-Elf and the newly arrived Human would need more money, the trio picked up a job from a local in the Tavern; “The Manticores Tale” To check up on the owners of a nearby ruined keep whom had failed to drop off a payment for the tower.

Arriving at the tower, they found that it had been attacked. Bodies lay everywhere and although they found one alive downstairs, he quickly fled away. The only other occupant they found was a dying man, he told them that there was a nearby Hag had tried to blackmail them. Their rejection of her offer had resulted in the deaths of the occupants by undead and spirits. He begged them to go kill the Hag in retaliation and if they did it, he would offer the tower as a payment.

The trio headed out to the Hag’s hut and began to sneak up. Unfortunately they were detected and began to fight out with ghastly spirits and the Hag. As she died, the hag explained her work, keeping the region from being overtaken by evil and that ‘He‘ will come. As she died she pointed to the trio and told them ‘You are his deliverance.

Searching the hut they found several ingredients that the Hag used for her work and found an odd trinket in the tipped bowl of her cauldren. A small round coin like object with several indents on one side. Returning back to “The Manticores Tale”and got payment for the job; they had decided that they would not keep the tower’s deed as it would cost too much to repair so handed it back to the local.

Nasgren Keleshtân

While there, the trio met a traveller passing through, a Dwarf called Nasgren. He was going to a nearby village that needed help and offered them a share of the cut if they travelled and helped out. Heading north to Wellspring, a distance of sixty miles and four days travel on foot, the party found their way into Wellspring. After some investigating the party found out that the local town watch could not afford to go search and help so were sending out any mercenaries or adventurers. A man had rushed into the town and had explained that his hunting party had been killed by some monsters. His only repeated words were “Dead”.

Heading out in the direction he had given, they made their way through a damp and horid swamp. Eventually the party found the Hunters Cabin and began to investigate; they found no bodies but only just managing to detect scratching and disturbed ground showing something had been dragged.

Following the tracks they made their way back int othe swamp, that was when the fog set in. An eerie fog that never seemed to let up, they could barely see too far but once they found the end of the tracks, they knew what they had to do.

A cave entrance in the side of a cliff face; the party advanced slowly inside until a sudden black wall appeared behind them, blocking their escape; the party were about to head forward when the sounds of trouble errupted.

Groaning and shuffling in a swarming group, undead figures lurched after them. Trapped between the black wall and the undead, the party fought. Once they had finished off the swarm and noting that all the bodies seemed to be stiched together, they pushed deeper into cave.

That was when they came upon the creator of the swarm, a dark skinned Asagi of some kind with the body of a Spider going from her waist. She immeidetly began to attack.

After a dangerous fight with the Corpse Spinner misty stepping around the cave, they managed to kill her. However in her dying breath she spoke a curse towards the one who had made the killing blow. Hazel.

Exhaustion came over her body and she sat down to rest briefly while the others searched the cave. They found a ring, a staff and yet again finding a copy of the small coin like object on a corpse the Corpse Spinner was busy weieving.

Managing to return to town, the party began to formulate some sort of plan to move forward.

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