The World of Fera

The world of Fera is a large and vast world of Magic, History and stories. The timeline for the world of Fera ranges from ancient history before the Üstün elves ruled the world all the way to the modern era of Humanities rule.

There are many stories, novels and series set in the World of Fera with hundreds of characters to get to know! Below is a list of published works set in the Fera World in historical order!

The Seeds of Beavon

In the deepest parts of the Woods of Beauvon reside the Dryads of ancient times. It is known they steal away young girls to become their own. It is known that they butcher any human caught entering their lands.

Unfortunatly for Silas, he finds himself wounded and more than likely drying inside the Beauvon Woods after being drafted to war for his Principality. The poor farm boy runs into Thyliase, a young Dryad girl on what her people call ‘The Pilgrimage’.

Does she kill him and uphold her people’s traditions or break her own people’s rules of killing Pre-Pilgrimage?


Kasillius Carina is a retired Knight of the Order, living with his family on grounds given to him by the Order upon his retirement, he teaches his son how to defend himself, he farms the lands with his servants and keeps himself in top condition.

Everything is well, until smoke in the distance signals a drastic chance in the status quo

Shield Maiden

In the land of Ablos there are those who farm, there are the big cities and vast patches of farmland.

Then there are those who raid.

Astrid Lytingdottir had never been on a raid before, she was not allowed; a child and a girl.

But she would go on a raid, she would fight and take the spoils of the weak! She would become her clan’s first Shield-Maiden!

Knightly Vows

A Knightly Order must defend a city from the rebellious forces enticed by an outside power. Can the Order of the Royal Vigil protect the last member of the Monarchy and perhaps retake the city.

The Curse of a Paladin

Vernon Sharpe, a Paladin of Vokmir, is just your average Paladin, working his store and collecting specialist items for clients. Brought up in a monastery in the mountains, Vernon is a specialist in the Law, of Order and of the Right way.

After saving a young Entitled from blood thirsty Orcs, Vernon quickly finds out that life is not as simple as it seems. Now cursed with the blood of two foul beasts, he must fight the curse and try to recover his old self, defeat the evil Entitled and save the girl.

Hold the Line

The enemy have broken through, our forces have been routed. What more is there to do than hold the line?

Our forces will be overrun if no one intervenes. What will we do?

We will ride out and meet them! We will hold the line.

A Quick Jaunt Over The Wire

The Alrussian’s had been fighting this war for countless years, the Imperial dogs across the wire kept on pushing but for Alrussia’s sake they pushed back!

In the dirt of The Front, the worlds greatest line of trenchs lay the dead bodies of thousands; their hands still gripping their muskets as they are trampled on.

When the whitle blows, are you ready for a quick jaunt over the wire?

The Man Who Would Be King

Andreas Vandersryke is a simple man with a shaded past. Nexanda Tora is a Dragonkin youngling who has escaped her horrible past. The who bumped into each other and now travel together.

A vast boom in technology has shifted the Ilmarian Imperium into the Flintlock Era, pushing forward with Cannon and rifle, the age of Magic was thought to be dying with the rise of the Gunslingers. Using gunpowder as their fuel, Gunslingers are the rising stars in magic. Able to use their magical powers to control explosions, musket balls mid-flight and gunpowder.

Following Andreas and Nexanda as they uncover the dangerous and dark “Hand of Orasil”, learn about the history of Nexanda’s lost heritage and uncover whom Andreas Vandersryke really is and why he is out to kill the King.

Of Knights and Kings

Sire Bartholomew Gardiner fights his way through the Midyear festival tournament, competing in the Jousting. Fighting Knights, Nobleman and high society. Can Sire Bartholomew Gardiner win the tournament or will his true identity be revealed?

The Ten Rings

With the death of their Master, Vlandirleld Amberster, an Ilmarian Entitled and user of the arcane arts and Elegosa, an Elven Ranger from the deep woods of Waud Forrest and the local Elven Reservation join together with Xandrill, a local Elven thief find the Ten Rings and stop the one’s who killed their master.

Ten Rings, an ancient library of knowledge.

Will Fera be safe?


The Curse of Humanity

Andreas tires with the day to day trials and work of ruling a Kingdom. He wants to be out there, having fun and being free instead of attending meetings and watching ceremonies.

Nexanda tires too, she wants to adventure and explore like the old days.

When a Professor hints at an ancient Üstün dig site, Andreas jumps on the chance to visit and dig up the history of the old world.

However, trouble follows where the King and Queen go.

A Chance Encounter

Before their encounter with the Asagi Shaynoir and the Siren Brinscall Levitt; Fo Roundfur, a little Kobold and Jules Fitzgerald, an deserting Gunslinger, start their story together.

This is their story.

Shikari: For Monsters

Ruka picks up a contract to stop some sort of monster attack on caravan convoys. What he finds is a simple job for a Witcher, kill the monster. However, a simple job turns complicated when the lines of what a monster is become muddled.

Shikari: Retirement

Ruka and his love, Ara retire to his Rimevale estate, however, the Shikari cannot retire for long. Setting off on a few small monster-hunts, finds him losing someone close to his heart.

Shikari: Order of the Shattered Shield

After the loss of a loved one, Ruka and Lenna head to the world from which the Knight of the Order came from.

Their one plan: Revenge.

Five Finger Discount

Hunted for stealing a precious magical object Eve must avoid pursuit by a shadowy religious organisation and get revenge for wrongs against her

Old Wounds

War wounds never really heal. Mike, a former soldier is now working as a writer at his former squad leader’s magazine firm. Living with Levi, a former platoon-mate, Mike and Levi live the lovers life while keeping it professional at work.

All until old memories and old wounds turn up. She turns up at his door, Frank, a former lover and another former soldier steps into Mike’s life, they all share war stories and share injuries.

A Ghoulish Case

Living a life fighting crime, Allister continues on a case that see’s girls being brutally murdered in the streets. What cult or creature is doing this is unknown but he has been paid to find out.

Living a life of crime, Tanita Rhahar is thrust into a terrifying series of events that see’s her entire world turned up side down

A new love, a new life and a terrible secret unknown to all.

Comrade In Arms

Sick of being pushed around by the her charge and Duke’s Son Gabriel Geiger, Loris Argenio takes her frustration out on Gabriel’s friend Alphonse Crowle


Erdal Nadir is your average Aşağı teenager, living and working in the modern age of Fera, he attends college and he works his wage at the local coffee shop.

Looking down on other non-Aşağı races, Erdal has very few friends and very few of them non-Aşağı. Saskia is one of the few Human’s he actually likes to be around.

However, Saskia has a plan to spice up her relationship with her Half-Orc boyfriend Eckehard.

Inviting Erdal around, the poor uptight Aşağı will broaden his horizon just a little bit more than expected.


This was a commissioned piece that was on its way to completion when the commissioner abandoned the project.

Deciding not to leave it to waste, I finished it. It was a collaborative writing project with a slightly more smutty tone than I am used to. However, I enjoyed writing it!


Dumped by a cheating girlfriend, ran out of his apartment and with very little to do other than think about what happened. Alphonse “Ally” Crowle decides he’s going to go out and bang a bunch of girls.

However, he soon finds himself in over his head when he meets Aurelia Rouse, the owner of an old style bar in the city.


Iris Stüber, the sixteen-year-old heiress to the Stüber estate and merchant family was the kind of girl everyone either wanted to be or to be with.

Rich, powerful, beautiful, deadly.

Her family had reach through the Alrussia and further still.

Yet when the daughter to the fifth richest man in the Federation is snatched away; she must endure more than she would want to ever remember.