Forcewave Example

The neon lights of Neo-York lit up the night sky, even with the moon at its zenith the city was still as bright as the mid-morning bustle.
Skycars buzzed like insects and the cities inhabitants went about their business like ants; all under the eyes of one. Master of all.
The world had moved on, wars had devastated many but those who survived took solace in their achievements.
The Hub. The network of all networks, the lifeblood of the world and beyond. All were connected and all were under its grasp. All would feel its reach and succumb to its whims.
All but one.
To sail the net, to dive deep and skim the shores of the Alter-world. To take what is theirs and to let th know it was them.
The name would run through every mind on the net, from the old lady three doors down playing her loto to the junkie-teen hopped up on Go-Juice popping shots in an online shooter.
Nothing could stop the signal and the signal was Forcewave.
The Feds, the Suits and the Mobs could not stop Forcewave; they were everywhere, they were everyone, they were everything.
Not a fly in the web but the spider itself, spinning the web and listening, waiting, following every little sign, every little hint and every little change.
Forcewave saw all and Forcewave knew all.