Matthias – Two

Matthias – Two
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We rode and we rode, it wasn’t far to the meeting point but damn the horses felt like they were going to fall apart by the time we made it there. The gold weighed down our horses pretty heavily but just thinking of it made my mouth water. We’d give the cut to the gang and then split it our five ways, a few bars each.
We would be settled for a long time.
Riding through the forests and up into the mountain paths, Solo, Rose and I stopped to let the horses drink at a fast flowing river, fording across and heading further up into the mountains. We made a right mess in the town but we would have plenty of cash flowing for some time.
I stayed at the back of the group to make sure that we got away clean. Solomon was at the head of our little column while Rose was at our centre.
Say what you say about the ladies in the gang, Rose did very well, great in fact! I was proud how well she held up and even used her hip iron. She had earned her share.
Making our way up the mountains, we arrived at the spot, a nice little clearing with two different approaches, one via the tree’s and river; this was the one we had taken. The other was up and around the cliffs. When we arrived at the spot, John and Obadiah arrived about twenty minutes after us via that way.
“That was fun! It was great!” Rose laughed as she strode back and forth, still riding the adrenaline. Solomon was slowly counting the cash while I finished cooking up some coffee and some meat.
“You did well Rose, if you want to do more, you can gladly join me in any other jobs.” I laughed and looked to Solomon. “How much we got?”
Solomon waited a few seconds and then grinned. “Well, let’s just say that we have a LOT of cash flowing. The gold is a hefty lot. We will have to get it chopped up and split up. You two could get married, buy a house and live happily ever after on most of this.”
That was when the boys arrived.
Jumping off their horses, John and Obadiah slumped down next to me and laughed softly as they took up their cups. “So… what we snag?” John asked and then went quiet as Solomon tossed him one of the bars. Catching it in his lap, the man began to giggle to himself. “This… this… its… gold!”
“Yep, and we got a whole lot more of it too.” Solomon grinned and put each of the shares into several different bags. One for the gang while there were others for each of us to take.
“We’re rich!” Obadiah laughed and shoved his share into his saddle bag.
“Alrighty! Lets head back to camp. Show the gang what we pulled off!” Rose laughed as she played with the gold bar in her hand.