Obadiah – One

Obadiah – One
~ Eyes Across The Street. ~
It was something big and I had never thought that the gang would chose me for something of this. It was going to be a big caper and I was happy that they’d called me in on this. It ain’t no full gang bank robbery but it was going to be a fun one. Matty and Solomon were running the caper and John and I would be running security for them.
I wasn’t too sure about bringing Miss Cresswell in on the job but Matthias said she was alright.
That man had a thing for Miss Cresswell, well, who wouldn’t; she was a damn fine girl and if I had my chance, I would take that girl and ruffle her feathers a little bit. A little up tight for my liking but if she put a gag in her mouth, or I kept her moaning, I wouldn’t mind taking that for a ride.
Matty had sorted out this caper so he had the plan all set out.
John and I would ride in to town an hour before the stage coach with the pay roll would come in to town. I’d set up in the general store across the street while John went into the saloon. Matthias and Rose would enter the bank as customers while Solomon waited outside.
When the signal was given, Solomon would slip in to the bank and all three of them would hold up the bank.
John and I were to keep an eye out outside, if shit went down; we opened up and secured their exit.
Easy as pie. We ride out into the mountains and meet up back at a few hiding spots, once it was safe we head back to the gang and split the take.
A third for the gang share then the rest gets split evenly among us five. I wouldn’t like to bring Miss Cresswell as it increased the split but a bank like this, even a small town bank, would have enough cash to give us some good lives for the next few months.
Matthias had staked out the bank for the past few weeks, he knew when the next payroll stage coach was due in, they would empty the coach through the back door and open up the main safe, inside there would be the rest of the safes.
Solomon told us he could crack them if they were closed but it would take a few minutes, which meant that we would be sitting ducks until the old powder-sniffer popped the locks.
I was happy that they’d let me in on this caper, after what happened with Levi and Clyde three weeks ago, I was surprised that we had a job like this going but Bossman Gideon had given the blessing.
I got my rifle, I got my shotty and I packed enough bullets to take down an army.
I hoped we did not need them, we planned on not needing them.
But reality and plan’s tend not to come out the same in real life.
Once we were ready, we had dinner with the gang before we left. A nice steak and stew with toasted bread and butter. It was a nice meal.
Bossman Gideon saw us out, he waved from his tent as John and I rode by. “Give them hell boys! Make us some Gods damn cash!”
John and I made out way into town slowly, camp was about four miles away from town so we rode north and came around from the east rather than from the west. The showdown outside of the Saloon six weeks ago was a long distant memory, there was already a body rotting out in the street from another call out.
Things like that happened a lot out here, you kinda got used to it.
Leaving my horse out back of the General Store, I could make a quick exit out the back door if need be. With my rifle and my shotty slung over my shoulder, I began to browse through the bullets on sale, they had no gunsmith here in town but you could get ammo and supplies from the General Store; I just looked like a normal guy out getting some supplies to go hunting.
John took up his place in the Saloon down the street from the bank and my spot in the General Store. We had eyes for both sides of the street and either side of the Bank from here.
John had the better spot, I had to spend a little time inside and outside of the store to not blow my cover, I even went next door to the alchemist to see about something for the stiff foot I’d had for the past few months. Some of that ointment Miss Parker showed me might do good for me.
It was three in the afternoon when I saw the Pay Roll stage coach come rolling into the town and slip down the back alley between the bank and the undertakers.
A few minutes later I saw Miss Cresswell and Matthias enter the front of the Bank, all dressed up like some of those fancy-panters from the Imperium.
Damn the girl was looking fine. What I’d give to take a peek up that dress at those ankles.
Watching and waiting for the pair to go inside, I kept eye out. It wouldn’t be long before they finished up inside, hopefully things went quickly. Easy money, easy job.
Minutes passed by and no one seemed to be rushing over, not a sound, not a peep.
Then a gunshot ran out, a shotgun.
“Damn.” I snarled and pulled up the bandanna hung round my neck, pulled up my rifle and turned to the man in the store. “Get your head down and keep quiet. I ain’t here for you!” I barked and smashed the lower corner of the window. There was another shot, a heavy bark of a pistol, then another shortly after.
Hell was breaking loose.
“Shit shit shit.” Bringing my rifle to the window, I waited for something to come into view.
I did not have to wait long as several lawmen came running out of the sheriff’s office. Levelling the rifle and waiting for the shot. The target fell to the side and and a loud gunshot rang through the street.
John had taken his shot. A good shot in fact, he got the lawman clear in the chest. Slumping to the side and falling into the water trough. I quickly changed my target and fired my first shot at the next lawman. Six more men began to run in to cover as we opened fire. It wasn’t long before we saw the window smash and from inside, Solomon began to fire his pistol out at the rushing Lawmen.
John and I unleashed fire from our firing points.
Then the signal was was given.
Every single pistol and rifle in the hands of the Lawmen detonated in a shower of shrapnel, gunpowder and bone was spread through the air as the signal was given.
Damn, if I was a Gunslinger like Solomon, I’d love to be able to blow the bullets of all the guns around me like that!
But I’d have to be born a Gunslinger and I doubt that I can reincarnate as a Gunslinger mid-life.
Now that the signal was given, John and I would make our own escapes, fleeing through the back doors of our holdout positions and ride into the sunset!
Nice easy money!
Oh I had no idea how nice and easy it was.