Obadiah – Two

Obadiah – Two
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By damn it had gone swimmingly well. Now we were rolling into camp and everything would be set up. This place would be our home for the next few months at least. It wasn’t half bad for a rundown village. A fixer-upper but something we could work on, hell I could imagine settling up here if we managed to find a way to harvest food or shit.
I ain’t no farmer but I knew the cold up here would be a problem. There was a river that fed into a nearby river so we could go fishing, that is if the ice had not formed to thick.
Pulling the crates and boxes off the waggons, we piled them up as we had several times in the past, every time we had moved the camp each of us had a job to do. My job was always to load and unload the waggons and set out the guard camp on the approach to base. Cutting the wood for the fire would come later but I cut down a set of nice choice logs for seating around the fire.
A few good whacks with the an axe brought down the tree’s. Debarking it would come later but for now it was fine.
Next I heaped unload the tents and stack them up.