On the Road

A quick short character introductory piece introducing a travelling Dwarven Company set in the Fera World.

The Dwarves were always the race that persisted. The ancient Üstün were subjugated and over the ages were turned from their high and mighty roles as the worlds rulers to the subservient and hunted, the hated and the shunned. The Aşağı. From the Higher to the Lower.

The Halflings did as they always did and continued on as they had always lived; adapting and living, the Dragonkin continued their nomadic life while some settled into the new world ruled by the Human. The Dwarves persisted under and above the mountain; although the Humans had developed a ‘them or us’ mentality to non-humans, the Dwarves were always welcomed a little better than the Aşağı. In the great uprisings against the Üstün the Dwarves had been side by side, even one of their mightiest warriors and Kings, Bodar, was given Godhood in the Nine Divines.

They lived in the cities, they lived in the wilderness and they lived in the villages however the Kingdoms of the Dwarves persisted; even if they were no longer independent Kingdoms in the game of Nations and Empires they still had a seat at the table. Umissian Dwarves remained in the Mountains to the North and South away from the shifting sands of the deserts. The Alrussian Dwarves were given allowances to build their cities, even if they had been in place centuries before any Alrussian province had been erected. The Ilmarian’s incorporated them into the Imperium, their grand cities were given the titles and status of City-States and were ruled by the Dwarf Kings, they had their own laws and their own system of governance; just like the Principalities that the Imperium was built upon, although they were not seen on the same level as the Principalities.

Most settled into the great Mountains of the Spine, digging deep and delving far to create vast cities; all connected by vast series of tunnels and highways that ran the length and breadth of the Spine. It is said you could travel from the South coast of Ilmaria all the way to the North Front without making a single turn if you took the Grand Highways of the Dwarves.

Although few outside of the Dwarven City-Holds knew of these highways, the cities were not a secret but were rarely visited by outsiders. The Dwarves might have incorporated well into the Human centric society but they had kept their own secrets, their own languages and customs that stretched even further than the Human Empires and Üstün Enslavement of Fera.

One such City-Hold was Khirndan, a small one compared to the many in the Spine Mountains; carved out directly from the Mountains during the 11th Century, Khirndan held just over two thousand Dwarves of Clan Ironmane and had begun as a mining colony of the bigger City-Hold of Daghlodihr until it had struck a deep vein of gold and silver which eventually created a trade hub to allow shipments to be sent down the Mountains and to the closest Human settlements. Technically located in the Principality of Tousir, they easily paid their tithe to the Imperium and then some.

One such expedition would be where the story of a young Dwarf would begin.

Inen-Ugog Avuz Kötad or “The Hillbanes Mining Company” in translation were around five hundred leagues from Khirndan and had been heading north along the eastern skirts of The Spine Mountains. They had stopped their wagon trail for and had set up camp in the shadows of the Spine Mountains to the West. That had been a week ago and the little caravan had kept up some good business while they were here. Uzol Nomalód, the companies Merchant Liason had set up business with a nearby village and the blacksmiths of the Caravan were busy working away fixing horse shoes, wagon wheels and farming tools.

Nilud Stukoserar, the daughter to Logem Stukoserar the leader of the Kötad, had cut her hair the evening prior and came out into the sun with a smile on her face. She was an apprentice Blacksmith to Adil Cilobnin, one of the Blacksmiths of the Company. She grabbed her personal tools, handed down to her by her mother from her Grandfather, and rushed to the part of their little camp where the Blacksmiths had set up, even from here she could hear the ringing of steel on steel, smell the coke fires burning.

Author: Larkin

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