Save the Cat! – Camp NaNoWriMo July 2020

Save the Cat! Writes a Novel: The Last Book On Novel Writing You ...

Picking up “Save the Cat” Novel Edition; I’ve decided to try and write something in a completely new way.⁠

Usually, I plan a lot of the stuff out and write chapter by chapter; but for this one, I am going to use the “Save the Cat” method and write it in scenes instead. Also going to Pants most of it, I am a planner but I want to see if I can pants it too.⁠

I made a “No New Project 2020” promise BUT I also a nice way of doing something new every month. Thanks to @katecavanaughwrites for one of her videos showing a “Write anything day”. Sooooo in conjunction with @CampNaNoWriMo I am going to use July to write a lot more of this new book; which is turning into more a novel than a short story.⁠

The basic concept I have for it is as follows: Set in a medieval period of the Fera World, a young girl from a middling merchant family finds her life turned upside down when she’s found to have magical abilities. After some major upheaval in her life; she begins to fight back at the Cabal who ruined her life.⁠

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Hello there everyone! My name is Lewis Stockton and I am one of many things; I am a Writer, a Game Designer and Gamer. I am the creator of series' such as the "Fera World" Universe, "The Way the Stars Fall", "The Fall", "Worlds Apart", "Void Apostasy", "Unexpected Hero", "The Faithless" and numerous other short stories. My dream is to become a full time writer, to no longer have to work a 'conventional' job at my current work place and work from home. Writing is what I love and it is a shame I sometimes do not have time or the mindset to put in as much devotion as I wish due to working a full time job and the stress put on my mental health.

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