Short Stories

Various short stories written by Lewis Stockton set in stand alone universes

I’ll Keep Coming

Waking up in a hospital with no memory of who he is or why he was here, unable to understand the language of the doctors and lacking an arm, eye and leg; a man tries to assemble his memories as the hospital is assaulted by dark demonic forces.

Skeletal soldiers with assault rifles, demonic Horsemen, and only a single friend tries to pull him through.


The enemy keeps on coming and the only thing humanity can do is retreat; however, we cannot let them know where home is.

Data must be deleted and records destroyed. A soldier holds the line while files are erased; however, in the act an old memory resurfeces.

Upon My Return

Humanity set forth from the star that birthed them, casting a vessel out into the void, those on board sleeping until their arrival. However an accident forces the AI to bring an Engineer from his dreamless sleep to fix a problem.

The Last Terran Sol

Lost, Drifting, Alone.


The Last Terran Sol, found adrift and alone.

Xarxankalush’itka, Savant of the Xiik Conveyance is there to witness the Hatching of The Last Terran Sol

A Commission paid for via a Reddit User. “The Last Terran Sol” was a great piece to work on!