“Sworn Blades and Stolen Hearts” – A Short Story from The Musketeer’s Gambit: Tales of Honor and Swordplay.

Sworn Blades and Stolen Hearts is a short story from the collection of short stories The Musketeer’s Gambit: Tales of Honor and Swordplay staring Miguel Fadrique de Alarcon, an Ilmarian Musketeer during Fera Worlds 1500’s era. Sworn Blades and Stolen Hearts ~ A Courtyard Affair ~Swordsday the 4th of Midyear … Continue Reading“Sworn Blades and Stolen Hearts” – A Short Story from The Musketeer’s Gambit: Tales of Honor and Swordplay.

The Wild Frontier

A quick short character piece introducing Solomon Sinclair. Gunslinger and Outlaw The winds raced across the frontier as Solomon Sinclair, magical Gunslinger and enforcer of The Van Der Graph gang, notorious across the Frontier of the ‘New World’, a series of nation states, counties and counties across the Pawhye continent. … Continue ReadingThe Wild Frontier

On the Road

A quick short character introductory piece introducing a travelling Dwarven Company set in the Fera World. The Dwarves were always the race that persisted. The ancient Üstün were subjugated and over the ages were turned from their high and mighty roles as the worlds rulers to the subservient and hunted, … Continue ReadingOn the Road

March of the Kämpferin

An introductionary piece to the Kämpferin, an all female mercenary group in Fera. Art used for inspiration. Source: https://twitter.com/hou_jae04?s=09 “Oh, edle Dame, aus fernen Landen, Gewähre uns, deinen Kämpferinnen, eine helfende Hand, Segne uns mit Wärme unter der Sonne, Schütze uns vor Kälte, in Schlachten zu gewinnen.” The voices sang … Continue ReadingMarch of the Kämpferin

The Spy Next Door

A Short Character Introduction set during The Friebruckian Invasion of The Three Kingdom’s. 1936-1958 Freibruck had long been a militarised nation and with the war with Larias had been constant. When they finally decided to fight someone else, they had really picked the worst foes. The Ilmarian Imperium had long … Continue ReadingThe Spy Next Door

Lynch Inc

A quick short introductory piece. Dusk was always one of the better months for Lucian Lynch, it was the ending of the summer months and the start of Winter. Humans would be snuggling up to be warm and those who were alone could be taken with ease. Standing in the … Continue ReadingLynch Inc