The Gunslinger & The Hunter

A little character introduction of “Jules Fitzgerald” from the Fera World.

It was Dawn, the first month of the year in the Year of Our Imperator 1807, Towerday the 17th of Dawn 1807, to be exact and Jules Fitzgerald was strolling down close to the mountains through the Principality of Dornsberg, he had to get further south not just because of the winter cold.

He had to get down through Tousir, Alhuizen, Vesenhaus, Stormbury Eschenhausen, Adestein and Arnvoren before returning home to the Principality of Priena. It was a LONG journy and he had only just begun a few weeks before.

Hiding from the soldiers, hunting packs and the mercenaries working for the Army, Jules had used his Gunslinger ranking to get through several close calls but he had to keep moving.

The only problem, getting across the River Tour and Lake Tousir. That meant he had to go either go through the Capital of the Principality, Tousir or try and cross the mountain ridge.

With a sigh he decided to get through the city. Getting inside was easy at first, he just had to flash his Gunslinger badge and they ignored him. Enough military forces moved through here. Deciding to get a room in a small tavern in the slums, he paid what little Shillings he had for the shitty room in the shitty tavern among all the other shitty people in the slums.

The air in the tavern was thick with the acrid scent of cheap ale and the muffled sounds of hushed conversations. Jules, weary from his journey, slumped onto a rickety wooden chair at a corner table. The flickering candlelight barely illuminated the grimy surroundings.

As he nursed a lukewarm mug of ale, Jules overheard snatches of conversation from nearby tables. Whispers of rebellion against the Imperator, rumors of a secret resistance, and tales of hidden passages through the mountains reached his ears. His Gunslinger instincts heightened, and he discreetly eavesdropped on the conversations around him.

The next morning, Jules set out to gather information about the safest route to cross the River Tour and Lake Tousir. He roamed the crowded streets of Tousir, blending in with the bustling activity. The city was a melting pot of merchants, soldiers, and citizens, each with their own motives and secrets.
He would not know that his life would change upon meeting a tiny little thing, a Kobold of all creatures.

Author: Larkin

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