The History of the Confederation – 2019 – News Interview

Interview of EU Council Member

Location of interview: EU Embassy
Date of News Report: November 20th 2019
Reporter: Charlotte Davis

Report begins with GNN newscaster leading to the on site reporter Charlotte Davis.
Report goes on site to the American News correspondent “Charlotte Davis”. Appearance is stated in file’s addendum’s.

Charlotte: “Thank you David, I am now on site of the EU Embassy and I’m am speaking with a Mr Robertson about the enactment of Article 50 and the pros and cons of it.”
“So Mr Robertson, what would you say is the pros and cons of the enactment being passed?”
Mr Robertson: “Well i would say that if the enactment is passed, All countries in the EU will be allowed to choose to leave or stay in the EU and that could have detrimental after effects.”
Charlotte: “ So what would you say is the after effects of the enactment not passing and what would you say is the most likely outcome of this vote?”
Mr Robertson: “I would say the outcome of the vote not being passed is that that the countries would roughly stay the same as it is but 1 or 2 currencies might just change for better or worse. And the likelihood of the vote as it currently stays is that it would be passed due to the rights and freedoms of countries and their choice of going independent.”
“But we wouldn’t have a secure answer until after the vote has been debated.”
Charlotte: “Thanks Mr Robertson, well David that’s all from us here at the EU Embassy, back to you in the studios.”

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