The History of the Confederation – 2019 News Report

A little pre-amble for this. It is actually quite funny to go back and read this in 2021 which when I first worked on this was WAY back in 2018-19 and had to throw in the whole Brexit thing. Soo… A little new news reports of the world of the Confenderation from the future of its events 😀

Transcript of the GNN (Global News Network)

Date: 1st December 2019
Location: England, London, UK

Report begins with GNN newscaster leading to the on-site reporter Charlotte Davis.
Report goes on-site to the American News correspondent “Charlotte Davis”. Appearance is stated in file’s addendum.

Charlotte: “Thank you David, I am now on site of Central London in the UK, we are about to witness the Enactment of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Depending on the outcome of the article, Some city states might declare independence like the UK and USA or they might stay as EU however one thing is for sure, the world is on edge and nervous about what the after-effects will be like.”
“That’s all for now, here David, back to you in the studios.”

Author: Larkin

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