The History of the Confederation – 2030 – Department of Homeland Security Incident Report

Department of Homeland
Security Incident Report

SUBJECT: Meltdown at Indian Point Nuclear Plant
Location of incident: Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant – Buchanan, New York
Date of Incident: August 13th 2030
Date of Inquiry Report: November 22nd 2030
Inquiry Agent: Agent Smith

Concerning the incident at the Indian Point, I have determined that the cause of the plant was negligence of the staff and the training they were given. What follows is my findings into the cause of the event as well as interviews with the rotational staff of the plant.
First I will describe the incident as I have determined. I believe the first event to start off the domino line of events was the planned partial shutdown of the Three Mile Island Power Plant. It was determined that power from the Indian Point was to be reduced to a lower level to allow any spikes in the power output from the Three Mile Island Plant as it was shut down.
However as power dropped unpredictably too far too fast the workers attempted a Core Power-up Procedure at the Indian Point Power Plant; this as due to panic and communication errors between the two facilities. I determined that the core mistake was the message:
“I think a power increase would restore the power output to a determined level, don’t you think?”
I believe that the crew of Indian Point believed that it was them who were to increase the power while the sender at Three Mile may have believed Three Mile was going to increase.
Despite the increased power level, the level continued to drop, which I believe was due to errors in the coding structure of the Three Mile’s decommissioning systems.
Despite the removal of several control rods in an effort to increase power output from the reactor and avoid a reactor cool-down; this was a severe breach of protocol and caused a severe spike in the power levels. Due to the slow processes in the removal because of the slow mechanisms which operated permanent rods not the non-permanent rod insertions, the reactor went into meltdown.
Approximately 120 minutes after the power level rise, fatal power level was reached. Steam build up ruptured pipes. This then followed into the reactor and caused an explosion in the lower core. With structural integrity damaged, a second explosion was found to have caused been caused by waste from the core dropping into a reservoir displacing the structure and collapsing the building.
With the collapse of the building, radioactive waste was mixed with the dust and spread into the atmosphere and nearby winds. Death toll was noted at 300 crew members but it has been determined that predicted deaths from radioactive dust clouds across the entirety of the northern eastern sector of the United States is within the Millions.
It is the determination of this report that all military and governmental members of importance are to be denied access to these areas. A future report will have to be filed to determine future repercussions of the event

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