The History of the Confederation – 2030 – News Report

Transcript of the GNN (Global News Network) Indian Point Energy Centre Meltdown Incident.

Date: 12 August 2030
Location: Indian Point Energy Centre – Buchanan, New York

Report begins with GNN newscaster leading to the on-site reporter Charlotte Davis.
Report goes on-site to the Global Network News correspondent “Charlotte Davis”. Appearance is stated in file’s addendum’s.

Charlotte: “Thank you David, I am here just south of the city of Peekskill near the Indian Point Energy Centre and as you can see behind me, evacuations have begun in Peekskill as the power station went into meltdown over an hour and a half ago. “

The Reporter looks behind her for a moment before looking back into the camera.

Charlotte: “The President has declared martial law in the area and the national guard have been deployed to evacuate all civilians in Sixty mile radius of the centre. People are being told to remain calm and if you are within the sixty mile radius, you are to calmly pack as minimum belongings are you can carry and meet at your nearest emergency group point. Now, I have an interview with Captain Fitzgerald of the National Guard, he is here organising the evacuation of the city and has kindly given a few minutes to talk to us, Mr Fitzgerald…”

The Camera pans left to reveal a soldier dressed in standard military camo gear with a rifle slung over his shoulder and a beret sitting on his head. The man has a tag with his name and rank pips of a Captain.

Charlotte: “…Can you enlighten us to the reason why one of the largest nuclear power plants has gone into a meltdown state?”
Capt. Fitzgerald: “Yes Ma’am. As of 05:34 this morning, a malfunction of a piece of equipment during a partial shutdown of the original Three Mile island plant, power levels dropped and due to an error in the system, Indian Point was given the job of boosting power levels to the rest of the nation. This overloaded the system and caused a meltdown.“
Charlotte: “Shouldn’t there be backups and safeguards to prevent such an incident?”
Capt. Fitzgerald: “Yes, and we believe that those systems failed due to to the earlier malfunction in the Three Mile Island point. Now if you excuse me, I have to be going now”

Camera pans back to Charlotte as she looks nervously into the camera.

Charlotte: “A malfunction of the systems, will all our nuclear power stations have the same flaw or is this just a single moment in our history. As of now, we have an unconfirmed death toll of twenty crew members but as the fallout and debris of the plants destruction spreads; will we see more deaths in the future and how will the Government respond. Will this hamper the nearby New York city? Report for GNN, Charlotte Davis, back you to in the studio.”

Camera fades to black as the feed is brought back to the studio.

News Reporter: “Thank you Charlotte. Now we are going to the Oval office as the president is now making an address

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