The History of the Confederation – 2032 – News Report

GNN News Report – 2032

Below is an extract from a US Political Broadcast ran during the closing stages of the 2032 Election campaign of Senator Alex Sanders of the New York Refugee district.

“With the unprovoked invasion of Iraq and Dubai by the Chinese forces, it clearly shows that the communist nations are on the push; attempting to spread their belief of a corrupt government taking everything you own and spreading it to the people who do not even try to contribute.”
“This is a direct attack on the American way of life, with trade now ceasing from Dubai and Iraq’s oil reserves, The American economy is on the brink of falling apart, all because of the oil reserves we paid for through trade and the sweat and blood of the American military.”
“America should cease all attempts of pleasing the Communist nations backing China’s illegal war declaration, Russia with its anti-American statue dating back to the 1970’s and the cold war, Vietnam and its bloody vengeance against America’s help during the Vietnam war and even the dictatorship of North Korea sending economic and military aid through their alliance.”
“What is worse is the Iranian and Syrian non aggression pact that suddenly occurred three days before the invasion of Iraq, after the years America fought to help Iran and Syria defeat the terrorists known as ISIS or Islamic State, they suddenly turn on their American allies and stab us in the back!”
“Now the EU is pushing for repayments from their emergency loan after the horrible disaster that was the Indian point Nuclear power plant disaster that left half the country abandoned overnight and the economy on the brink of collapse.”
“All of this comes to show one thing, the United states can only rely on the United States and we should push back at this blatant declaration of war from the so called ‘People’s republic’.”

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