The Old Gods Of Asgard Ride Again – Alan Wake 2 Manuscript Fan Fic

So, when I played Alan Wake 2; there was a part I loved. The part where the Old Gods write the song “Dark Ocean Summoning” on a 20 minute bus ride to the location.

I laughed with a friend that it would make an halerious manuscript; so I wrote it in Alan’s style. I posted it to the Alan Wake Facebook group and they loved it too; so here it is.

Tor had made his way up the stairs of the nursing home. Saga had left to go do Federal Agent things. He had to go wake Odin, the old bastard was recovering from his dance with the Darkness and was groaning in his stupour. Tor grabbed the finest bottle of the famous Anderson Moonshine and poured it over his brother’s face.

“Wakey-Wakey Brother! We got a gig to prepare for!”

Odin coughed as the fine delectable concotion entered his body through his eyes, nose and mouth. He stared up at his Tor and grinned. “I know I know. Tom told me!” He grunted as he sat up. His body still ached from its work with Saga.

It took an hour to get everything into the van, things were a mess at the Valhalla Nursing Home. They finished loading it up as the others all hugged them goodbye, they did not understand that the gig was calling. Tom had told them! That’s when they got the call.

It was Saga.

“Tor. I need the Old Gods of Asgard. I need a very Special Song.”

“Hell Yeah! The tour bus is already loaded and we’ve said our goodbyes! Ready to hit the road, just like old times, baby!”

She chuckled down the line. “You saw this coming, huh. Of course. I need a song about Alan Wake, about bringing him out of the Dark Place.”

“A writer, a lake of darkness, bringing him into the light. Hahaha. It writes itself!”

“Who was that?!” Odin called from the door, hobbling down the steps.

“Saga! She needs a song, I’ll explain on the bus!”

“Oh.. wait..” Odin said, turning back the stairs. “I need to wake Fat Bob! Start the bus!”

Odin made it to the band room, there, on the wall. Baldur’s guitar.

“Wakey-wakey brother. The stage is calling. We have a gig to do.” The All-Father spoke as he delicately put the guitar into the case.

Meanwhile, at the bus, Tor was humming a tune, working out a beat. “Ow! What the fuck did I sit on!” He barked. Reaching down, he pulled out something metal. “Chimes! CHIMES!” A pair of Herald brand Chimes. He tossed them into the darkness. “Chimes are not Rock and Roll.”

The All-Father hobbled down the stairs and clambered into the bus. He placed the guitar case on the back seat behind them.

“Is Baldur ready?” Tor asked.

“He will be. Now. What’s this song you want me to write?”

Author: Larkin

Hello there everyone! My name is Lewis Stockton and I am one of many things; I am a Writer, a Game Designer and Gamer. I am the creator of series' such as the "Fera World" Universe, "The Way the Stars Fall", "The Fall", "Worlds Apart", "Void Apostasy", "Unexpected Hero", "The Faithless" and numerous other short stories. My dream is to become a full time writer, to no longer have to work a 'conventional' job at my current work place and work from home. Writing is what I love and it is a shame I sometimes do not have time or the mindset to put in as much devotion as I wish due to working a full time job and the stress put on my mental health.

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