The Spy Next Door

A Short Character Introduction set during The Friebruckian Invasion of The Three Kingdom’s. 1936-1958

Freibruck had long been a militarised nation and with the war with Larias had been constant. When they finally decided to fight someone else, they had really picked the worst foes. The Ilmarian Imperium had long fought the Alrussian Federation and although Alrussia had the numbers and the heart, Ilmaria had the technical and the determination.

1936 was the year that the war began with the Freibruck fleet sailing across The Dread Waters and into The Shimmering Expanse, going south to north and bombarding major cities along the coast. The invasion force landed in the south and tried to push north.

Over the course of six years the Imperials rallied and pushed the Freibruckian army from the continent. With a ceasefire against Alrussia but with troops on the vast defencive line between the two nations called “The Front” still held in place, they had struggled to fight or hold on two fronts.

For the next six years the two Empires struggled in stalemate. They fought over the ocean and would land on each other before being pushed off. Both sides had a foothold in several places but nothing pushed more than that.

Magdalena Wickten had worked for The Imperial Office of Intelligence and Information, or the ‘LOII’ for several years, she knew several languages fluently and had worked her way up from translation and decryption to her place in the Special Branch.

Special Branch were the spies of the nation and for the last six months she had been living in a small village off the capital of Frei, called Mirfield, spying on a nearby military base. She had kept her name of Magdelena but her last name of Kruger had been changed, she had been given full background; her family had come from Freibruck and she knew the culture very well. She worked as a baker in the village. Her neighbour Elizabeth was one of the targets of her spying and she had introduced herself very quickly after arriving in the village.

She moved into a small cottage next door and they had spoken often. That morning she knocked on the door with a basket of bread. “Liz! You there? Wakey wakey!”

Author: Larkin

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