The Wild Frontier

A quick short character piece introducing Solomon Sinclair. Gunslinger and Outlaw

The winds raced across the frontier as Solomon Sinclair, magical Gunslinger and enforcer of The Van Der Graph gang, notorious across the Frontier of the ‘New World’, a series of nation states, counties and counties across the Pawhye continent.

To the North and along the coast were the most built up regions, these were the landing ports, the first settlers came here and went south. The further south, south-west and south-east you went, the less civilisation you came across however as the travellers forged ahead they put in ways of transport supplies back to the Old World Nations. Locomotives were the main transport route, river and canal boats were the next easiest way while most travelled by carriage and horse.

Across the hilly plains, Solomon Sinclair sat on his horse at the station for the locomotive, his fellows had got on earlier and were spread throughout the carriages. Solomon got on at the front, near the first class carriages. The locomotive was heading North to the nearest port city and would take another six hours but they would stop it in about thirty minutes, just shy of a bridge where they would stop it on the tower wooden bridge across a vast canyon.

Standing in the compartment between two carraiges, he checked his pocket watch as the carriage rocked along. As he felt time coming close he put the silver watch away and pulled up the bandanna to his nose, hiding his lower face. Pulling his Darrington 1800 Cap & Ball Pistol from its holster at its side, he stepped into the carraige as the locomotive began to pass over the bridge, feeling the brakes begin.

“Alrigh’ folks, this here’s a robbery, don’t do anything stupid and you’ll not end up dead. We only want your valubles and not your lives; if you think you’re smart, you ain’t..” He called out as he began to walk down the middle isle holding out a sack.

Author: Larkin

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