If you have any queries please email me or message me. Sometimes messages don’t go through so email is the preferred option. This will also give us the chance to discuss final details before confirming payment

 If you would like to commission me please message me here or email me at lewisStocktonNovelist@gmail.com


– I have the right to refuse any commissions without explanation.
– I will not write what I am uncomfortable with, no matter the price.
– I am not responsible if your commission doesn’t turn out how you wanted it.
– If you decide to cancel, refunds may or may not be given depending on if I started and how much of the commission I’ve written.

It will be negotiated in the contract.


The following are my prices by word count. Please do not ask me to lower my prices. Writing takes as much time and effort as artwork and I ask that you respect that.

As a standard. I ask between $0.10 to $0.05 per word. Converted into GBP at the time of writing. BUT I will do certain discounts depending on the work and the quality you wish.


You can pay me through a Paypal invoice from LewisStocktonNovelist@gmail.com.

This invoice will have all conditions and terms written out that we have agreed on.

I do ask for up-front payment but in some cases I may ask for an advance on the payment excelling no more than 50% of the final price. If you pull out partway through I will charge you for what has been done up til that point, and will send you the incomplete work.


 I can either upload the finished work to a site of your choice (e.g. DeviantArt, Fanfiction.net) or email you a copy, or both. Please tell me which option you would prefer when submitting your form.

 If you are going to share my work anywhere, please make sure that you credit me as the original writer. This is mostly for commissions, not ghostwriting. If you want a Ghost Writer, then it will cost a lot more.